"all my fault" OUT NOW!!


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Los Angeles
Candy Cotton

"find the fun in life, No one else is gonna do it for ya" - LOC.

Pink Feathers

Michael Locatelli – LOC.

Wuddup, I'm LOC. and I’m a 23-year-old musician from Toronto. I started making music at 21 years old after an injury ended my NCAA hockey career. Oh well, shit happens I guess lol. Currently, I'm a junior at Plymouth State University, and I’ve been focused on music as a career for about a year. I have accumulated over 130,000 streams on Spotify, and have released a single titled "Got it Locked" with Sammy Adams. My new single titled “your friends” is a fusion of punk rock, alternative rock, hip-hop, and pop, something unique to my music. I hope you vibe with what I do, I'm just a regular college kid who fuckin loves making music. 7Forever. - LOC.